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Posted on May 1, 2009 in Destinations

Five Reasons to Visit Panama

Five Reasons to Visit Panama

There are many reasons why one should visit Panama. If you are tired of your daily routine then you should probably take a vacation. What better vacation would be than a vacation in Panama? Panama is the most ideal country to take a holiday in. The major number of sports and adventure that it offers are good incentives to take a vacation in Panama. Millions of tourists from all over the world come to Panama. It is estimated that over 1 billion dollars are spent by the tourists each year in Panama property.

The Panama real estate market hosts tourists from all parts of the world with its warm welcoming beaches and culture. It is the ideal spot for people to get away from the cold winter into the warm tropical beach. There are many more reasons why one should visit and enjoy Panama property.

Taboga Island Panama
Taboga Island Panama

• Panama is one of the world best spot for eco tourism. There is an abundant flora and fauna found in Panama property. This is because of the tropical climate. The climate and the weather conditions promote the growth of trees and flowers the likes of which are rarely found in the rest of the world. The landscape is beautiful and the mountains are most elegant. There are a large variety of animals and birds available in the area that are not domestic but yet not unfriendly. There is a good balance between nature and development in Panama real estate. The flora and the fauna along with development are given complete support. panama-dragonfly • Panama property is very economical compared to other places. This is because tourism is in its early stages. However this does not mean that the tourism is lacking. There are massive property development plans that are undertaken to build accommodation for tourists. Tourists from all over the world are coming to visit Panama. The expansion of the canal has made sure that more and more tourists come every year which has helped Panama real estate. The prices of are modest and your journey will be very cost effective.

• Panama is extremely safe for tourists. The tourist police are available to help the tourists in Panama in every step so that they have a comfortable visit. Also there are police who are patrolling the streets in cars so that the streets are kept safe from thugs and pick pockets. The taxi drivers are honest and much is done to take care of the security of the tourists. • The major population of Panama speaks English. Also most major languages of the world today are spoken in Panama.

This means that it is easy to blend in with the society of Panama. As tourists you will have no problem in finding your way around Panama property. • Adventure sports are by the plenty in Panama property. This includes surfing, gliding, rafting, sky diving etc. If you are looking for some adventure on your vacation then this is the place to be. The beaches of Panama also make brilliant places to get the tropical tan. Also there are many unexplored places in Panama waiting to be discovered. For more useful information about moving to Panama contact one of our experts today.

Kite Surfing in Punta Chame, Pacific Beaches of Panama


  1. It would be interesting to see Al Gore…but 150 dollars is a lot of money for a speech where most of the people interested in the topic cannot pay it. Will this money prevent or change the posibilities of global warming? If they are going to plant trees with that money, then I would plant it by myself. And it would not cost me more than 15 min, without any penny. Are you taking advantage of global warming for making money?

    P.D: Sorry for my spelling mistakes. Without considerating the fact that english is not my first language.Seriously (not joking) I’m a 14 years old girl interested in science and I would like 4 free tickets for my family. ;D

  2. You have got to be kidding. I wouldn’t sit still and listen to Al Gore if they paid me $150.00.


  3. I think it is very positive that he is coming, whether you like him or not, the message he sends to be more conscious is a good one and Panama is trying to go into a more green direction, like our neighbors Costa Rica. I am friends with the director of ANAM (the environmental agency) and he is quite exited on bringing Al Gore. Whatever initiatives they take, this are the first steps…

  4. He is super expensive to book for a speech, that is why the tickets are so expensive. I imagine they will give some free tickets, but the ANAM (environmental authority) is in charge of that. I am in no way involved in bringing him for a speech. This news post was in La Prensa Newspaper.

  5. I believe this is a great initiative. I would pay up to $400 just for myself to see this man. Congratulations to ANAM and Magic Dreams Productions for making this happen.

  6. Wow… This is a major presentation.
    People in Panama pay $100 – $150 for any concert… Why not paying it to hear someone like Al Gore, an Ex US VP, Nobel prize, etc??
    This is the kind of event that elevates the local culture. I hope more like this to be brought to Panama.
    I will gladly buy my ticket.

  7. In response to Patricia Rogers:
    Why do you pay for school? Why do you pay for learning lessons? Same thing here… You are paying to learn about global warming and how to prevent catastrophies. Based on what you wrote, School should be free since you would be learning the basics of humanity?
    Besides, most of Fortune 500 companies will be the ones participating in this speech since they are promoting internally their Green Initiative. Believe me, they can afford to pay. I am a 12 year old American boy who believes we can still save the earth. Al Gore’s speech is the best way to start doing it!

  8. Is it possible to hear Al Gore’s speach via electronic devices? I will be relocating to PC by the end of the year and am very interested in the environment. I’m also interested in the economy and my opportunities as a small business.

    I am not pleased with my present lawyer. Your article mentioned a group of professional folks who evaluate lawyers. I would be interested in more information as I do not want to make a second mistake.

    Thank you for this communication service…



  9. It’s fabulous that Mr. Gore travels to share his message; however, for students on a budget, 95% of his presentation materials are available on his many websites which can be accessed via And he is not a dynamic speaker, which he freely admits. Kudo’s to ANAM for bringing Mr. Gore to Panama.

  10. In response to Abdiel Vasquez:

    I’m paying school wich is one of my rights. And is a good school because my parents want a better education and they (with a lot of effort) can pay it. We should pay to have a better learning, but a considerated amount of money. The basics of humanity are learned in a well structured family. Yes, good schools should be free, because we pay taxes. And if you really want to save earth use that 150 dollars to plant trees, recycle, etc. And we can learn how to save the earth reading on libraries and in schools. It is a shame that some people can’t do it.

    P.D: Are you kidding me??? Yeah sure, you have 12.

  11. It can’t harm he’s coming. Anything activity to stimulate thinking green in Panama is sorely needed !!

    Of course, if be makes himself so expensive to hear, only the priviledged can hear him but then again, they hold the string to power to make any changes in policies so I guess it’s not a major issue.

    If you don’t want to spend that kind of money (which I think is overpriced), there’s a great book about the whole global warming discussion that’s VERY interesting and not the usual bla bla about very expensive ideas that nobody will want to pay for.

    Check out “The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming” by Bjørn Lomborg on


  12. As our company says..panama green..

    I would love to go,

    we started our real state company with the idea of promoting a green panama,
    our project is still baby steps,
    but I think the there is a lot to be done, promoting doing properties with a better goal, giving a percentage to buy garbage cans and recycling in Panama…
    if somebody would like to talk about this or bring new ideas I will appreciate,
    Patricia Kraemer,
    Real State Consultant and Lawyer,

  13. Hi Patricia.

    There are many non profits that would really appreciate your help and knowledge. Write to me I can put you in contact with a friend of mine that has a recycling company and with some environmental associations – both AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce – and APEDE (Panamanian Business Executives Association - have active environmental groups and do forums. They also have other committees. Besides the general business associations, there are more specific groups. You should also talk to city officials such as the mayor office, if you decide to start in Panama City. I know they are doing a project called “casa cochinos” catch pigs and have people dressed up and flag signs to when people throw trash from their windows and such, so you might as well coordinate with them or INAC – which is the culture institution or ANAM (Environmental Ministry).

    A site to look
    To Jean Carlos Bravo

    Te explica todo sobre los desechos que se producen en tu hogar. lo que puedes reciclar, lo que no deberias tener o comprar y mucho mas!

    Hope this helps.